delete backups

with  AOMEI  can  i  delete  backups-image  backups?


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    Hi nikolo,

    Yes, you can click Advanced menu of the backups task on the Home page,then select Delete, you can refer to the capture below:


    You can also first locate the backups image then delete them manually.

  • I was just about to ask almost the same thing so hope it's OK to "borrow" this thread.

    However I do have a follow-up question. When I have a complete system backup and then perform a differential backup in addition to the first full backup is it possible to delete only the differential backup while keeping the initial full backup?

    I've tried to figure out how to accomplish this but no matter what I do the complete backup set is deleted (full+differential) when I go to Advanced-Delete Backup.

  • Hi WebMaximus,

    You can click Advanced--Locate Image, then you can delete the differential backup image manually.

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