Windows 10 backup problem in dual boot

I am in dual boot with 2 versions of Windows 10 which work perfectly.
I made a backup of the first Windows 10 (1) then a second backup of the other Windows 10 (2).
Everything went correctly.
When I restore the first Windows 10 (1) I lose the dual boot window when I start the computer. The second Windows 10 (2) is still well installed on its partition.
What do you advise me to do to remedy this problem. Thank you


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    How are you making the backups?  Are you selecting the System Backup option or the Disk Backup option?  If you are selecting the Disk Backup option are you selecting both of the partitions for the two windows systems?  Also are you selecting the option to make an exact copy (sector by sector) or are you leaving the default value to use intelligent sector instead?

    My best guess is that you would have to boot the machine up on a WinPE rescue media and then use the Disk Backup selection with the exact copy option specified to have any chance of being successful.  If my assumptions are correct you would only make one backup which would include both partitions instead of the two backups that you are making.  As it is you are running on a single active windows partition when you are performing the backup so the boot loader no longer identifies the opposite windows partition.      
  • Hello,
    Thank you for that answer. I tried to do as you advised me to do, but I can't.
    Could you advise me a tutorial so that I can make a correct backup. I am using Backupper version 4.6.1. Thank you

  • My first suggestion would be to download and install the most current version of Aomei Backupper.  It is currently running on version 6.0. 

    At the top right hand corner of the Aomei Backupper screen is an icon that looks like 3 horizontal lines.  Position your mouse pointer over that and click the left mouse button.  A windows should appear and one of the selections listed is help.  Click on help and another window will appear.  You should see a link called tutorials which should provide you with instructions on how to perform the various tasks in Backupper. 

    Here is a copy of the link that explains how to perform a disk backup.  Here is also the link for performing a disk restore operation.  Finally, here is the link explaining how to create the WinPE rescue media.

    Once you have created the WinPE rescue media (CD/DVD or USB) boot up your machine onto that media.  When your machine has booted up on the rescue media you should see the Aomei Backupper menu.  It is from this screen that I would perform a disk backup using the sector by sector option.  Good Luck.

  • A very big thank you for all this information. I study all this and come back to you.
    Have a good week-end

  • Hello,
    I followed your advice using the latest version of Backupper.
    When I create a USB stick for uefi boot all operations are done normally, 
    but after the operation is finished there is no file on the stick !!! USB
    but it's the same problem.
    Can you advise me, thank you.

  • There should be some files on the usb stick.  Try creating the rescue media again and follow these steps.

  • Else you can use ISO and burn it to disc or create a stick and try again....
    Of course there should be some files on the media....
  • Please check if your USB stick is in GPT format, if yes, please convert it to MBR and try again.
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