Aomei backupper question

I have used the Aomei backupper program to create a system backup in case I need to restore my Windows10 if my primary drive (ssd) fails.  I already have a windows repair disk that I created with windows 10 backup and restore.  Can I use this existing repair disk to restore from the system backup, or do I have to make a recovery disk with the Aomei backupper application?


  • Hello Wj10622, 
    You need to use AOMEI Backupper to restore. Please create WinPE bootable media via AOMEI Backupper in advance. When the system is damaged, please boot the computer from WinPE media of AOMEI Backupper to restore.
  • Thank you, I will do that. I had more questions, if I may, the system backup image i created was approximately 18 gb in size, whereas a disk clone created with Aomei Backupper is over 43 gb in size. Is there much difference in the files that are included in each backup type, clone vs. image? Also, the reason for my backup is my primary (ssd) drive failing, in which case I would have to purchase a new drive, so I am now backing up primary disk files on an external usb hard drive, and if it becomes necessary will use this backup to recreate my present windows installation on a new blank ssd drive. Would a system backup image or a disk clone be better for this purpose? Thank you
  • The whole purpose for creating a system backup or disk backup of your boot disk is to have a way of recovering your operating system, all programs, and all data files so that you can reconstruct and restore your system in the event of a catastrophic disaster.  Essentially, if your machine is compromised by viruses or ransomware you simply boot up your machine and restore your latest system backup to your boot disk and you are back in business without losing any of your files or a minimal number of files (however old your backup is).  In the event of a absolute hard drive crash you install a new boot disk (mechanical or SSD) and then boot up your machine off of a previously created rescue disc and restore your system backup to the newly installed disc.  You go from a non-bootable machine to a fully functional system with all programs, serial numbers, etc restored and operating in just a few minutes. 

    The Clone Disk tool serves a slightly different purpose.  Basically the assumption is that you have a working system and you want to replace the system disk with a larger disk.  You can also perform a clone disk to a smaller disk, but most often you are replacing the boot disk with a larger one.  The Clone Disk tool will make an exact copy of the partitions, files, and information from the functioning system disk onto the new disk.  Nothing is compressed and it is supposed to be an exact copy of the files on the boot disk.  There will be a slight discrepancy in disk size between the old and new disks because some of the files (hybernation files, memory swap files, etc) are not copied since they are regenerated on boot.  Once the clone disc tool is finished then you open up the case and remove the original disk and replace it with the cloned disk and reboot your system. 

    If you choose to do so you can install the new disk into your machine and then boot up the machine off of a WinPE rescue disc that you created and restore a previously created backup to the new disk.  In effect you are accomplishing the same thing as cloning the disk.  There is more than one way to accomplish the same thing, but in some instances it is easier to simply clone the disk.

    The system backup image and the disk backup image of the boot disk are suppose to function the same.  Basically Aomei Backupper identifies the partitions that make up the operating system automatically and those partitions are what is copied.  With the disk backup image you specify the partitions that are copied, but other than that it functions pretty much the same as the system backup image.  I have seen situations where additional partitions are included with a disk backup image that were omitted in the system backup image (such as a vendor's specific recovery partition) so my preference is to use the disk backup image so that I have better control over the process and am insured that all partitions are copied.    
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