Aomei's email response to my support requests are always blank

I purchased Backupper Professional edition some time ago, and have attempted several times to contact Aomei for support. Every time, I receive an email response like the following:

Hope you’re doing well! This is an automated email from AOMEI Support regarding request -108123.
Fwd: BackUpper Professional - License no longer accepted

(content of my original request)

This is a reminder that your request 108123 is pending and awaits your response. If you wish to close the request, no additional action is necessary and the request will close automatically. If you’d like to provide an update or require more time, simply reply to this email. If we don’t hear from you in the next 48 hours, we will assume that your request can be closed. Note: You can always re-open your ticket at a later date if you have, or need, more information about this request.
Kindly verify the information and get back to us, so that we can help you out better.
Thanks and regards,
AOMEI Support Team

This implies that someone has responded to my request, but no other correspondence is ever received. I have used the Sign Up function at several times with multiple email addresses in order to view my ticket, but do not receive a temporary password or confirmation email. I have also attempted to use the Forgot your password? page, but when I enter any of these email addresses I am returned to the login page with a "You are not authorized..." error.

How am I expected to respond when I am unable to see what the support team has said?



  • Hello Ekuyfc,
    Sorry for the inconvenience. We indeed check the ticket. Our colleague also reply to the ticket. 
    But, we don't know why you don't receive our reply. Could you check the spam folder of your email?
    And, we will paste the reply to you via the private message.
  • There are some sites that I can not receive email from and I don't know why.  The mail didn't get trapped in any junk mail folder and it looked like it just never got to me.  So I ended up establishing a gmail address to use when those situations occur and that solved my problem.
  • Thank you @Admin for copying the email response to me. The license is now working, however I did not change anything except to re-download the installer, which does not explain the issue as I was not attempting to activate using the Offline method.  :/ 

    Would you be able to also send the replies for my older support ticket 78607 from March 2020?

  • @ekuyfc ; Hi, did you receive the reply?
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