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Disk Clone or System Backup?

If I want to create an image of my system, so that if my system drive fails I can do a restore, should I use System Backup under Backup or use the Clone functionality?  I've been doing the System Backup, but want to be sure that that is the right choice.


  • I have a great deal of confidence in the System Backup and also Disk Backup.  I am using Backupper Pro Version 5.9.0 and I have a weekly System Backup scheduled.  The system backup automatically identifies all of the partitions on the system drive so all that you have to do is specify the destination for the backup and any other options that you want.  Basically the Disk Backup allows you to backup the boot disk and restore it equally as well as the System Backup.  With the Disk Backup you have to manually specify the source disk and also the destination disk, but as far as I can tell they function the same.  If you are going to choose to create and save backup images then the first thing that you will want to do is to create a Rescue Disc so you can recover your system.  There are two Disc type options available, Linux format and WinPe, but I like the WinPe version best.  The Linux format has limited options and you can only perform a restore operation when you are booted up on the disc or flash drive.  There is also a third option available that is super.  You can use AOMEI PE Builder to create WinPE, which will integrate AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI Partition Assistant on the same bootable media.
    This is by far my favorite choice. I keep several copies of my backups so in the event that one is bad then perhaps one of the other ones will be successful.  I have restored my system disc several times and have been very pleased with the result. 

    The only time I use the clone function is when I am going to replace the disk with a larger disk or an SSD drive instead of a mechanical disk.  If you choose to clone a disk then you will have to continually clone a fresh copy to keep it up to date which would be a hassle to me.  I do unattended backups and have the program only keep 5 copies in a folder in my destination disk.  The software sends me an email notification giving me the status.
  • Thank you!  Great explanation.
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    @vbritt - is the WinPE ISO that is created from the second option on the screen specific to Aomei?  Or, is it the same ISO that any creation of WinPE would make?

  • If I understand your question I would have to say that it is specific to Aoemi.  Basically the option allows you to create a bootable version of Aomei Backupper giving you access to create, restore, clone, and other functionality outside of Windows.
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