Cannot explore all folders after Partition Backup

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I'm evaluating Backupper Pro and have done a partition backup on a SSD drive which was bootable (Win7, 64 bit) but is temporarily a 2nd drive in another Win7, 64bit machine. Backup log reports no error & size of backup corresponds with the original drive. However when I explore the backup I can't access any of the system folders.

The Program Files, Program Files (x86), Program Data, Users & Windows folders are all missing. My system is set to show hidden and system files & folders so why can't I see these? On some other backup software I've used there is an option to show these files but I can't find anything like that here (have I missed something somewhere?).

If I can't explore them it's an absolute deal breaker as far as I am concerned. It also makes me nervous about restoring; if I can't see them how do I know they've been backed up?



  • Could you please provide us screenshot of the failure?

  • My apologies, just went to do screen shot for you and the folders are all there today. Must have been a Windows glitch which shutting down has cleared out. All good now, thanks very much.

  • It is always my pleasure to help you. And I thank you for your feedback. It may help many others who encounter the same issue.

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