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what operations the partition recovery tool performs on my hard disk?

I have a question about the partition recovery tool present in AOMEI Partition Assistant. Yes, it allowing you to recover lost / deleted partition, but I would like to know specifically what operations it performs on my hdd.


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    I am not sure if you are aware of the tutorials available with Partition Assistant or not so don't consider this message as an insult if you are already aware of the tutorials.  If you look in the upper right hand corner of the partition assistant program you will see three horizontal lines.  If you click on the horizontal lines a menu will appear and online tutorials is one of the selections.  Or you can click on or paste the following link into your browser which covers partition recovery process.  https://www.diskpart.com/help/partition-recovery.html  and perhaps it will answer your question.

  • Maybe I did not say it clear enough. I would like to know what operations are involved in this recovery process. will the software write to my hdd? Could the software overwrite the data on my hdd? if the operation is not successful, could it worsen the situation of my hdd by preventing the recovery of my data? sorry but the question is legitimate as my data is very important
  • @Nicovon, Partition Recovery Wizard will first scan the disk to search lost partitions. If there is an existing partition on  the location of the lost partition, it will not allow you to recover. You need to remove the existing partition, and then you can recover the lost partition from the location. So, if the drive you want to recover has existed other data, please first save these data to another disk, then scan and recover the lost partitions.
  • Thanks but currently the disk is not allocated, there are no partitions. My question is about whether I can permanently lose all my data if the partition recovery fails. Could this happen?
  • @Nicovon, We can't confirm if your data lose permanently. If our program doesn't find your lost partition, you can try to use other data recovery software to check again.
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