System clone 2 MBR SATA HDDs with the Standard Backupper?

I know you can't go from a SATA drive to an SSD with the standard, but I vaguely remember reading you could use the standard for cloning 2 MBR SATA drives. 

I installed the standard on my computer, and opened clone, and in there are 4 tabs including system clone. On that tab next to the name is an orange PRO. If you open it, it goes to the destination partition page showing my C: drive, and E: storage drive (which is going to be replaced with new destination drive.)

At the top of the page, it has another orange tab highlighted with "upgrade". If I hit next would it work with the 2 mbr sata legacy drives, or would I still have to upgrade and use the Pro edition to do the clone? If so, can I buy a key, and and upgrade from that tab, without uninstalling the standard, or have to do a fresh install? 


  • AOMEI Backupper standard edition doesn't support system clone. But, you can do disk clone.
    For system disk, AOMEI Backupper Standard Edition supports disk clone from MBR disk to MBR, or GPT disk to GPT. 
    You can click Disk Clone of AOMEI Backupper, then check the disk style on disks list. If the source and target disk are different disk style, you can convert the target disk to the same type as the source via Windows Disk Management, and then do the disk clone again.
    If you want to clone system from MBR disk to GPT (or GPT to MBR), you need to upgrade to pro edition. If you get a license code, you can directly register the standard edition, then it will be upgrated to paid edition.
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