System Image Check slow

Today I ordered and installed Backupper Pro and created my first system backup with it For my C drive. The drive has OS Windows 10 and my private files on it. It is 2 TB and the used space is 650 GB. The backup took only 4.5 hours which was very fast compared to the windows image backup.  The image was stored on an external 2TB drive. I decided to run a check backup ,after creating the image , which is taking much longer. After 4 hours it is only at 40 percent. Is this seems the check should be faster than the creation...any explanation for this? Thank you.


    Did you tick the option "Check backup integrity on completion"? If yes, could you try to check the backup image manually:
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    I´m sorry, but where can I find these option?
  • @MrPresident, once you have started the backup you should see a small gear icon at the lower left hand corner of the window.  I have circled it in the attached screen shot.  When you click on the gear icon a windows will appear and provide you with the option to verify the backup upon completion.

    Once you have completed the backup another way of performing the verification is be going to the tools menu and selecting the Check Image link on the screen.

  • Thanks for your reply.
    Meanwhile I have found these option. But it takes too much time :-)
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