Safe to delete older differential backups?

My external disc drive I use for backup is gradually filling up, it has 2.5 Tb in full+differential backups made for the last 5+ months. Is it safe to delete any of the earlier differential backups since the first full backup on which they are based, to free up space on the external drive? That is, will I be able to restore all my files using the first full backup plus one of the more recent backups?

Note, I am backing up using file backup because I have data files on several different internal hard drives in my computer that I back up and I wasn't able to use other kinds of backup specifying several different disks.



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    PS, I should mention it would be good to have an index of error codes for AOEMI Professional when a scheduled backup will not run. I looked online for the numbered error code I was getting for a couple of weeks when the backups failed but couldn't find any explanation. It turned out the USB hub into which my external drive was connected had failed and AOEMI didn't tell me in a clear way that it couldn't locate the drive to which I had requested backup, just gave that error code.( My hub is replaced and external drive is accessible again.)
  • Hi E_canuck, 
    A Differential Backup is always directly related to its originating Full Backup. It will back up all data added and changed since the Full backup was done. If one of the differential backup image files be damaged or deleted, it will not affect others. But, you need to keep the latest Full backup. 
    When restore, you only need to select the differential backup to restore. It will restore to the status when you create the differential backup.
    In addition, we suggest that you can set the differential backup scheme to delete old backup files automatically. As for backup scheme, please refer to here:
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