Cloning a PS4 Internal Drive

Is it possible to Clone an internal PS4 Hard Drive to another drive (SSD or HDD) connected to a Windows (10 Pro) PC running your software?

Most software renders the copied drive as corrupted within the PS4, even when cloning identical size drives. The PS4 includes multiple encrypted partitions that tend to get missed during the cloning.

Reason I ask, it’s much faster to pull the drive from a unit and clone it via a connecting it to a SATA-3 head on a PC, and placing the drive with the cloned data back into the unit, when dealing with other items (PC, Consoles, etc.).

Backing up an entire internal HDD from a PS4 through its USB 3.0 controller can take quite some time. Then transferring the data back after installing the OS on the PS4 is another long episode.


    Our program can clone the PS4 Hard Drive. But, PS4 has Anti-piracy protection mechanism, so the system and grams of the PS4 might be unable to use on the cloned SSD. Our program only can clone the data.
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