Restore did not work after windows 10 2004 update caused corruption

Everything was fine with my laptop until yesterday morning when I did a windows 10 2004 major update. It downloaded and installed fine but when I was then requested to restart, I could not boot into windows. It said No bootable media found. I tried everything but could not get back into windows. So I then restored from an AOMEI system backup created two days earlier. If have done restores like this many times, but here after the restore, I had the same problem. It could not find any bootable media. I would have had to resort to reinstalling windows from scratch and start all over again with my apps and files. But luckily I found an image backup on an external hard drive created via windows done a several months ago and was able to restore my computer from that image. And I was lucky to be able to bring my computer up-to-date via dropbox and other system images mounted via AOMEI.

But my main concern is why did the AOMEI restore fail? It was created successfully on 7/17. I need to have full confidence in being able to restore my system from an AOMEI backup.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi Mdubin,
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    We currently can't know why the restored system can't work. Our technicians need to check the layout and status of the restored disk and then analyze it further. We can't analyze the reason only based on the boot error.
    If the system can't boot after restore, you can contact us to help further. We will help you fix the boot problem as possible.
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