Why does an incremental system backup take so long?

I used to back up my various drives using either a disk backup or a file and folder backup. If there wasn't a lot to back up in an incremental backup, the incremental backup would be very quick. However now I have started backing up the main drive on my laptop using a system backup. Even if there is not a lot to back up since the previous backup of this drive, the incremental backup takes as long as a full backup, yet the incremental backup file it creates is small. Why are my incremental backups taking so long these days?


  • Hi Ricecrispies,
    Could you run an incremental backup again manually? If it still takes a long time as a full backup, please send us log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper so that we check further. And, please take a screenshot of the backup files' list so that we check the size of backup files.
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