Cannot boot from external hard disc after Cloning C drive

I have an external  hard drive (drive P=1.5TB)  + two internal hard drives (drive C=2TB and drive D=1TB). All drives are 75% free.

I have upgraded my D drive from Vista to WIN 7 and cleaned up the D drive. WIN7 is running 100% OK on my D drive The speed difference is amazing.

What I am trying to do


Eventually, I want to make my internal C drive, the main bootable drive with WIN7 on, instead of D. But for the moment, just boot up from P drive.

As a first step, and as a test, I cloned my D drive onto my external P drive with Aomei Backupper standard. But Win7 will not boot from the external P drive. I tried this after cloning with Aomei. I got a slightly more encouraging result from Aomei (v EaseUs) as my PC tries to start. I get an optimistic "Windows is loading files" message imageafter the BIOS Flash Screen but then disappointment follows imageas the process jumps back to the BIOS screen going into a loop of BIOS screen -> Windows is Loading files -> BIOS screen->Windows is Loading files. So my QUESTION ONE IS: Can I / how can I use Aomei so that my PC is bootable from the clone on my external P drive, without having to use a boot media first.

If / when I can get that to work, I can then move onto phase 2, which is to clone from D to C -> then make C my start up drive. I guess I will need to change the order of HDD priority, via BIOS but QUESTION TWO please - will I need to switch the HDD jumpers to define master / slave - or is that a thing of the past (XP)?.

Any tips would be much appreciated.


  • Do C drive and D drive share the same format, all MBR formatted or all GPT formatted. Same format is required in cloning.

  • Admin - At present, I want to boot from my new external "P" hard drive (cloned from the 100% working WIN7 internal hard drive). but it wont boot.

    So, disconnecting all other drives, I have to boot from a CD (a start-up-disc downloaded from Amoei website) which  prompts me to Restore. I am obviously misunderstanding because I dont want to "restore" anything, I think I just want my P drive - to which I have Cloned - to boot. May I ask:


    I thought "Cloning" meant  EVERYTHING from my source drive would be copied onto the target / destination drive so it should boot up without the need for a recsue CD, resource CD etc.  Am I wrong ?


    I changed the boot-order-priority in BIOS. So do I also I need to change the jumpers - to define slave / master please - with WIN7 ?


    I am happy to pay for the full version of Backupper but I want to make sure it works first - that is, lets me boot from a cloaned disc. Any tips would be appreciated.

    Thank you


  • Please send us a screenshot of the format of the disks.For example the one in the attachment.We need to know whether it is MBR or GPT.


    Please make sure all disks are listed in the screenshot.

    As for your question (1), no need for a recsue CD.

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