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I just created a bootable stick using Partition Manager but there is no system partition on it, only one large primary partition. The system boots so I'm presuming the boot files are in the primary partition. No issue with this?


  • Do any of the Windows WTG prerequisites (such as a certified USB stick) apply to AOMEI WTG?

  • Hi Lioninstreet,
    Did you create WinPE bootable USB stick of AOMEI Partition Assistant? Or, do you want to put windows system on the USB drive?
    As for Windows to Go Creator, yes, it supports certified USB stick.
  • Admin,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I want to put the windows system (specifically w7x64) on the USB drive. Am I restricted to a WTG Microsoft certified stick using AOMEI Partition Assistant WTG Creator or has it been tested functional by AOMEI with other higher end sticks as well?

    If the later, is it possible to elaborate on what sticks are known to be compatible?.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Lioninstreet,
    Do you want to migrate your current win7 system to USB to use? Or install win7 system to USB via the win7 ISO image? You can use windows to go to create win 7 USB. It supports most USB sticks on the market. 
    As for windows to go feature, please refer to here:
  •  install win7 system to USB via the win7 DVD disk.

    "supports most USB sticks on the market"

    Do we know what sticks are not supported and what are? ex: will the Corsair USB 3.1 GTX support? it is not seen as by an OS as removable media.

  • Hi Lioninstreet,
    Sorry that we indeed don't test Corsair USB 3.1 GTX. 
    " it is not seen as by an OS as removable media"---What mean? AOMEI Partition Assistant can't read it as removable media?

  • It means that the OS does not see it as the same media as a USB stick. It is actually seen as a drive because it has a SSD controller in it.

  • Hi Lioninstreet,
    The program can create Windows to Go to an external drive connected via USB port. So, if the drive is recognized as a removable drive, you still can create the windows to go. Please try it.
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