How should backup schemes space manage?

I have asked this as a question as I want clarification as I think my understanding of how they should work is wrong, opposed to there being something wrong with the software as I first thought, looking at the folder the backups are stored in today, I can see that some space management, must have taken place, however it does seem somewhat delayed.

My understanding from the little animation that pops up when you set up the scheme is that with the incremental backup scheme, it will create a full backup, followed by x amount of incremental backups determined by me, then another full backup after which the incrementals get deleted as the scheme starts over. However initially it makes 2 full backups, though the second one made initially does seem to have disappeared (which confuses me more as I would have thought the first one should be the one to be deleted), then does the incrementals, another full backup then starts the new incrementals, but it doesn't seem to delete the previous set of incrementals as soon the as the first new one is made. In fact it is currently on the third incremental of a new scheme and the previous set are still there. Presumably the full backups are not meant to be deleted regardless. Though I would have liked an option to delete them automatically after x amount of full backups since they obviously take the most space up. Is it ok for me to manually delete the full backups dated 08/06/2020 and 19/06/2020 since there is another full backup on 29/06/2020 and incrementals since it, or will that cock up the entire scheme?

Anyway, I guess my question is, when should the space management occur, should it not be once the new set of incrementals begin? It could be the delay is deliberate as a precaution, there simply isn't enough information on how they should work.

Pictures attached, please note the three failures on the system backups are not due to software error, apparently space is now an issue, though it would be nice if the software informed you if scheduled backups have failed, since I would not have known until I went to snapshot the logs, there is not even an indication in the backup management interface.


  • Can you upgrade to the latest version? It fixes some issues in Backup Scheme.
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    In addition
    Version 5.7 (Released 2020-4-21)

    Fixed issue: the Incremental Backup Scheme doesn't take effec

    Are there any other schemes that have been fixed?

  • Many thanks for your responses, I cannot update to later versions as they BSOD my machine including the latest 5.8 version, it's not worth the risk of hard drive damage.
  • @Vagn_32 What backup scheme are you using? What issues do you encounter? Please give us a detailed description.
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    I sent an e-mail with some old conversations showing the details.

    Another backup scheme and disk space management here with me doesn't work as expected.

    The scheme "Disk Space Management" would very much like it to work itself correctly, but it doesn't.
  • Hi Vagn_32,
    Did you send your problem to our support email? If yes, our support team will help you further.
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