Incredible slowed down cloning since 5.8.0

Since update to 5.8.0 cloning from SSD to HDD takes a very long time compared to prior versions. The SSD (C:) ist filled with app. 250 GB data. Win 10 Pro x64 2004.



  • Hi Tom, can you show me the clone speed of version 5.8 and prior versions?
  • Hi Admin. How can I determine this?
  • Hi Virtualtom,
    Have you completed the clone? How long did it take to complete the clone? How big read/write your SSD and SSD have?
    And, which version did you use before? v5.7? Did you clone the same SSD with the same data size to the same HDD?
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    I see this issue too with backup from SSD to HDD. In v5.7 it used to have 250 MB/s, in v5.8 it is only 25 MB/s but only when display is off. When display is switched on during backup then it has full speed. Please make backup full speed again also when display is switched off during backup.
  • Hi Backup2besave,
    " display is off"---Did you mean that GUI of AOMEI Backupper is off? How did you check the backup speed?
    Could you take screenshots of the speed when the display is off and on so that we check the problem further?
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