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ESP/MSR Patrition (Aomei Partition master)

Testing Aomei Partition master and I must say this is very easy and useful software. But there is one question and advice. Why Partition master can't create esp/msr partition? Partition master have almost everything to work with partitions but not this feature. I know other software which have this option but Partition master is more comfortable to use for me.

Any chance to add this feature? There are many reasons why I am using this option but this doesn't matters now. Thanks


  • Hi Electro,
    You can use "Quick Partition" to partition a disk. It will support creating ESP/MSR parts.
    Please note, Quick Partition will clean all data on disk. So, if there is important data on the disk that you want to partition, please first save them to another disk or do a backup.
  • Yes this is a option but very often disk C and Disk D are same HDD so this option is useless in this situation. backup data and than return back is very uncomfortable. That's why I asking add this feature when partitioning disk C on same disk where is disk D. I know one software which can do this but I don't like it. I can write here which software is if no problem. Thanks
  • Hi Electro, we will consider your suggestion to add this feature, many thanks for your feedback.
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