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PEBuilder screen resolution in PE boot

I use pebuilder 2.0 to make 32- and 64-bit ISOs with the Win/10-based
creating environment downloaded.  I then add these ISOs to a USB key
created with easy2boot and test with two UEFI-only laptops.

On my 64-bit laptop, WinPE comes up with 800x600 resolution (native
is 1920x1080) and no way to change it.  That would be ok for some
maintenance tasks one might do from a PE boot, but Backupper 5.7 does
not adapt to the small screen.  The main window is bigger than the
screen but can be moved around.  But if I select options, buttons to
close are off-screen and there's no escape.  The option "Enable
program window self-adaptive to screen resolution and DPI settings"
that I see running Backupper on my desktop is not present in WinPE.
Adding what drivers I could find at ASUS didn't help, and I see no
relevant BIOS options.

Fedora 32 KDE spin from USB key gets native resolution on the same laptop.

On a 32-bit laptop, WinPE comes up with the native 1368x768 resolution.

Any suggestions for either increasing the resolution or making Backupper fit on a small screen?



  • Hi Wssddc,
    How big size is the screen of your 64-bit laptop? Is It the same size as the 32-bit laptop?

  • The 64-bit laptop is an ASUS VivoBook F512D, 15" screen, 1920x1080 native resolution, AMD processor, Windows 10, 10 months old.

    The 32-bit laptop is an ASUS X205T, 11.6" screen, 1366x768 native resolution, Intel Atom processor, Windows 8.1, old, cheap ($99) , under powered.
  • If I make a UEFI Backupper boot disk with version 5.8, I see the message "Failed to change current desktop size" as it's coming up.  So it is trying  to get a better resolution.
  • Never mind.  If I let Backupper write to a usb key directly and don't make an iso for a multi-boot option, I get native resolution (as well as the message failed to change desktop size).  So easy2boot is somehow triggering this and it's not your problem.  I will continue to fight with this on the easy2boot side.  It's so much nicer to have one key with a dozen boot options than a dozen keys.
  • @Wssddc, Thanks for your feedback. We will also submit the problem to our technician to test and check further.
  • An update on the easy2boot side.  If Backupper or PE Builder make a bootable USB key directly, and you drop the icon for the key on easy2boot's MPI_FAT32 shortcut, you get an imgPTN file which works and doesn't have resolution problems.  Making an ISO file from Backupper or PE Builder and converting that does not work.  Thanks to the easy2boot author for a useful email discussion about this.  Easy2boot 2.x and the optional a1ive menu system are required.
  • @Wssddc, Thanks for your feedback further. 
  • I have the same problem but I am not using easy2boot but GRUB4DOS, as I have to use one USB stick to cover both BIOS and UEFI machines. Any hints?
  • I haven't found any option other than making imgptn files with Easy2Boot.  I hit the same problem with a Dell Precision 3431, so it's not just my personal laptop.  Small correction to previous post: an ISO made by PE Builder can be converted, it's only with bootable media made by Backupper that you have to go through a physical USB key.
  • @Gamtrulia, did you use AOMEI Backupper or AOMEI PE Builder to create WinPE ISO? Do you have the problem with WinPE bootable USB created by our program directly?
  • Here we are 6 months later and I too am facing the same problem. I installed Backupper STD on a Lenovo G780 with screen resolution on 1600X900. I then created A USB WinPE UEFI drive from inside Backrupper by downloading the WinPE as advised.

    Next I went to an Intel NUC with HDMI video out that I am using an older Samsung 4:3 monitor through a HDMI to VESA converter. Which works just fine. But when I boot the USB Backupper the error message "failed to change desktop size" shows up and the screen is oversized. I can drag it around to accomplish what I need though.

    BUT when I use that USB Backupper on the Lenovo where I created it I also get that error message.But the screen is just fine.

    Help please, Fred

  • @FEY42, Did you mean that you get the error message "failed to change desktop size", but the window of the program is normal size?
  • I get the error message and the screen is NOT the correct size. I have to drag the screen around to see the extents of the screen.

  • @FEY42, The problem is related to the resolution of the window under WinPE. We have submitted the problem to our dev team to optimize. After that, we will offer you a patch to check the problem again.
  • @admin
    Is there any fix for this?  I am evaluating 7.1.2 and the problem exists on my machine as well.
  • edited March 2023

    Still no fix in March 2023. Version 7.2.0. Problem: wrong screen resolution in WinPE USB pen. No matter if I make it in Backupper or in PEBuilder. I have PC1 which has that problem, and PC2 which has not. Both connected to the same monitor (just different ports). PC1 - W11, UEFI boot, HDMI output via a HDMI/VGA adapter to VGA port. PC2 - W7, BIOS boot, DVI output to DVI port.
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