System Backup vs. Disk Backup ?

If there is only a single partition on the boot or C: drive and programs & everything else are also on it, does a System Backup image everything, or does it somehow ignore the programs? If it backs up everything, then is there any reason to choose a Disk Backup vs. a System Backup? IOW would one be faster than the other? Or would one use less backup disc space than the other?

Also the Help Guides state with a Disk Backup “after restoring it, the system can boot normally.” However it doesn’t say you can boot normally after restoring a System Backup. But can you?

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  • A System Backup backs up your C partition and any other partitions necessary to run Windows. There are some partitions that you can't see in disk management that need to be backed up. A Disk backup is if  you have additional partitions on the drive like a D, E, F, etc that you might have to store data or is unlettered like a factory restore partition that you don't really need but may want. A System Backup won't backup that partition. A System back would take less space and be faster if you don't have or want to back up those additional partitions. If you don't have additional partitions then both backups are the same.
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