Backupper does not run, keeps starting then stopping

Windows 10 Home, Version 1909, Build 18363.836
AOMEIBackupperStd.exe, downloaded and installed 03/06/20

Start Backupper program via desktop icon.

Nothing is displayed on screen.

Task Manager shows the Backupper Schedule Task Service running, then status changes to Suspended. The task then dies. It re-starts, 'Suspended', then dies again. That sequence repeats constantly.

I cannot permanently kill the process in Task Manager, it just keeps re-starting and failing.

Screenshot of application log directory attached. A new ABServiceXYZ.txt file is created every 4 seconds.

Sample files attached, plus other logs. They are all the same apart from the timestamp.

I cannot permanently kill the process in Task Manager, it keeps re-starting and failing.

The only way to kill the process is to uninstall the product.

Can you identify the problem and advise how to solve it?


  • Hi Zimbo,
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    As for the problem, could you delete AomeiBR under C:\ProgramData and then reinstall AOMEI Backuppet again?
    Please note that ProgramData is a hidden folder. You need to show the hidden files/folder under Folder Options.

  • Thanks, that solved the problem. All working now.
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