System Clone made different drive letters

As you can see from the title, I have done a backup to an external HDD from an SSD using the System Clone. I notice after it was finished, the external drive has three different directories, such as the letter for my original drive then one called Data K and a third called Recovery H. 
It's not the letters that's confused me but if & when I go to do a Restore, which of those do I chose when Restore ask me to select an image? 
As you've guessed, this is the first time I've done this so if any replies, remember you're talking to a complete novice!  Thanks! 


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    So you made a Clone not a Backup. A Clone is a copy and of course if you take a look in Explorer the letters are different. You can only have one C one D one E etc. You cannot use the Restore option, that is for Backups. You can however copy files in Eplorer manually from HDD to SSD. But I guess it would be better you make a Backup instead of a Clone.

    B.t.w. With Clone your destination drive (HDD) is wiped every time and all existing files will be erased, With backup an image (like a zip file) will be written and all existing files will not be affected. Only this way you can select a Backup image during Restore. 
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