Locating Backups

Hi guys!
Hope everyone is ok in these trying times....
I have a situation where I have reinstalled my main system drive C: I have several other drives with partitions on them....
My problem is I would like to have a little better order in the computer so for example my Users drive would be D: instead of E: as it is at the moment.
I know that I can change that in disk management but how do I get AOMEI backupper to ok that?
As soon as I reinstate AOMEI with the task backup it is going to look for Users on E: and not D: where I want it....
Is there a way to do this?




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    I would assume that after you used disk management to change the drive letter from E to D that you would have to reconstruct the backup task (system backup or disk backup) to get Backupper to associate the backup with the new drives C and D.  If you don't want to delete and create a new backup you may try to edit the existing backup and see if drive D appears instead of drive E.  If drive D appears then select save and see if it will work.
  • @Bookie56, You might need to recreate the backup task. AOMEI Backupper currently can't change the source of the partition backup task.
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