Can't use's feedback form

Hello, there's a problem with the's feedback form. I has been kind of difficult to contact the company (although it seems it worked with direct email messages to [email protected]).
It can get frustrating for your customers to try various contact forms and they refusing to work.

The broken feedback form is at:
Issue 1: it does not accept the Digital River's invoice ID as an order ID (it's this ID and the paypal transaction ID what I could get from the purchase)
Issue 2: with still 500 or 300 characters left, I get a form error stating I should input text with 5-1000 characters total. I didn't have typed intl accent characters (ç. á, etc), but the message had line breaks, if that helps.
Issue 3: even with a blank order field and very short feedback message, the form couldn't be submitted with a "Something went wrong, maybe the network is busy, please try again later!" message. It is shown in a dialog with Chinese title: "信息".


  • Thank you for the information, we will check the issue.
  • I have had similar issues too - i resorted to contacting you on facebook messenger.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you directly contact our support team via email? Or, post your questions in the forum.
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