Long Overdue Support: Scheduled File Backups of Microsoft Outllook OST and PST Data Files

It's been posted for quite a long time in the FAQ's but nothing has changed in recent versions.:'(
The question asks: " Why is Outlook OST and PST files not backed up" ?
So why hasn't there been an (update) in recent versions? Aomei suggests doing a registry hack for OST files.
I'll pass on that idea, thank you

Forget about the OST file registry hack. 
Let me ask this question. 

Why hasn't there been support for file backups of PST data files in recent versions?
 Aomei made it sound like its coming soon in the FAQ : 
  " for PST files, Aomei doesn't support backups, We will improve the problem in future versions"
Sooo ..  is Aomei still working on the problem ? 
And which Backupper product will support scheduled file backups of OST and PST data files? the paid version or the standard ?


  • The paid version can't backup OST and PST files either. 
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    Since you didn't receive an actual response as to why, I thought I would add to this thread. Microsoft in their infinite wisdom, have deemed that PSTs OSTs and offline address books should not get backed up, the reason the registry hack is done is because the volume shadow copy service, which pretty much all backup software uses, references this registry key in order to know what not to backup. Although AOMEI backupper does have it's alternative method that does not use the Volume shadow copy service, in all likelihood it still needs to reference the registry key. Whether or not AOMEI can do something about this I am not sure, but in all honesty I do not think that any software company would go against Microsoft policy on this matter as if a problem occurs it will fall on them, hence the registry hack, the registry hack is the end user taking responsibility for any issues that may occur as a result of the files being backed up, though I've personally not come across any issues.

    I have no idea why Microsoft feels the files shouldn't be backed up, I did the registry hack and have had no issues in terms of the files being backed up and in spite of Microsoft's claims, more than email copies are stored in the files, for example, message rules disappear if these files are not restored as do view settings. The blurb from Microsoft is that the emails will simply sync to a fresh OST or PST.

    Doing the registry hack alone doesn't work anyway as the registry entry gets put back, most likely during an office update, so you have to take ownership of the key and deny the system all but read rights to the key.

    If you are unwilling to do the registry hack, then your only option for backing up the files is good old fashioned copy and paste, this must be done whilst Outlook is not running though, else your pasted files will be empty files.

    I would take your complaint to Microsoft as in all honesty, they are the ones at fault here.

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