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File Naming issue in Backupper

I rotate backups to 3 different sub-directories on 2 different system.  There are 3 jobs for performing a FULL Backup and 3 jobs for running incremental's against the full backups.  This set up has been run for 2-3 years and works extremely well.   A strange event happened at the end of February.  I was creating new Full backups and they ran to completion correctly.  The following week I went to run a incremental and Aomei Backupper came back with an error message "File not found" ?   I displayed the directory  where the backupper files reside and to my surprise, They were named incorrectly.  Below is an image of the statement that was used to create the FULL backup:

The following image is what Backupper created:

Can somebody explain how this could happen based on the above batch run statement ?

The system is Windows 10 currently @ 1909 (18363.719 ).  The Aomei Backupper version at that time was 5.5 But today is at 5.6.



  • Can you capture a screenshot of the error message?
  • I never captured the subsequent error message when I went to perform a incremental backup.  The incremental backup execution assumes that the "Original Backup name" was the name the full backup set that was created.  But since the Full backup  name  (/n "Desktop")  was incorrectly created as "Desktop8", not "Desktop" the incremental step failed with a simple "File not found".   Obviously the file I named in the Incremental batch file was not the name that the previously created FULL backup created.   The question I have is why the FULL backup step created the file name "Desktop8" ? when it should of been "Desktop" ?
  • Maybe you could create a new task to see the result?
  • I did try to duplicate the problem on another drive using the same batch script, but it didn't fail.  I tried it 3 times and it wouldn't fail.   Since this is the first occurrence of this problem, after 100's of runs, I may never see it again ?  I just wanted to know if anybody seen a problem similar to this one.  It doesn't look like anybody has and I searched for something similar but found nothing.  I'll be watching the file name creation now before running any incremental's.    
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