Cannot do image explorer from backup

I tried to follow the steps in the following guide:

However, when I get to step 4, I have no option here and the list is blank. Thus I cannot assign a drive letter to explore the backup. Please help.


  • Dear moderator,


    I am also trying out backupper 2.0.2 server version (please note that I am not an IT guy - hence trying out in my own layman ways)!


    Hence first day I did multiple scheduled backups using "partition backup" option (with differential + no compression) and second day did multiple scheduled backups using "file backup" option (though the software did prompt a recommendation to use "partition" option as I was backing up whole drive) - this time also with differential + no compression - both days for the same drive in which I store my data and I am backing up to an external hard disk.


    I have two queries:

    1. I found a difference of more than 3gb in the base backup file size for these two options - partition backup base file was 19GB while files backup base file was 15.2GB (the actual drive is 19GB on server when seen in explorer) - hence, my query is why this size difference as in one day my server storage has not changed much?


    2. And secondly, if I explore image of subsequent differential backup files (the smaller ones created after the main base backup file) - then should it show me all files OR only the files saved in that backup version (BECAUSE to me it appears it is showing all files - which is also not bad - but then how do I know which files have changed since previous differential backup version)?


    I have tried to put my queries clearly and hope they make sense for you to consider replying.



  • Thanks moderator - but would you help to draw attention of some other moderator to my query OR maybe even transfer this into a new discussion (if you think that is necessary to get required answers.) - i do not know how to do it!


    As regards your two points:

    - I used the same option of "no compression" for both the tries

    - and, for 2nd - i am talking about approx 3000 folders/subfolders - with 17-18k files - so would rather prefer to see only changed files being listed in differential backup image explorer - provided that is feasible.


    nevertheless - please see/advise/shift the above as per your best judgement.



  • I think i figured how to start a new discussion for my query - but thanks still incase you do suggest an answer to my query.

  • Hello ahsia124, please provide us with more information, such as screenshots, type of backup.

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