Linux-based UEFI BootCD with full support for Backup and Restore of NTFS Win partitions?

edited February 2020 in AOMEI Products Support
I consider to create a BootCD resp. USB flash drive not with WinPE but with Linux Boot files.

Does such a BootCD/USB flash drive have later full support for Backup AND Restore of Windows NTFS-partitions on an UEFI system?

Are there any differences between Linux and WinPE-based BootCD/USB flash drives?

Which one has better (generic) driver support?



  • We suggest that you create WinPE bootable media to use. Generally, it will integrate drivers of your computer.
    The Linux-based bootable media of AOMEI Backupper only includes Restore and Clone features. And, it can't integrate drivers of your computer.
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