How do I test if my backup works?

I tried checking the integrity of my backup but it says it's corrupted (error 4101). How do i test this back up to see if it's actually corrupted? I'm trying to do this on my labtop but there isn't enough space. My backup image is 1.3 TB. 


  • You usually test by putting in a spare drive in place of the C drive, do a restore to it and see if it boots. This may be hard or impossible with a laptop. What size is your C drive? A 1.3TB image would signify, with some compression, your original drive had well over that amount. That sounds unusual.
  • Thanks for replying!
    My C Drive is 2tb. I'm going to plug in an external hard drive in my computer and see if i can restore in there. 

  • Windows won't (shouldn't) boot from an external drive. If not, all you can is boot normally and explore the image but that won't tell you if it's bootable.
  • I'm exploring the image, there seems to be 60gb more in my backup file than i do in my C drive. Is this normal? 
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    also how do i get rid/reset the (38) number in my back up? I keep deleting back ups but the number keeps increasing.

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    Please delete BackupRecovery.ini in "C:\ProgramData\AomeiBR" and it will count from 1.
  • Where do you see it's 60gb more?
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