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Suggestion to make Backup Scheme and Versions-Management better

I have two suggestions for Aomei Backupper:

1.) Under "Task Properties" > "Backup Scheme" it is possible to "Enable Disk Space Management" in a way, that "The previous X versions of obsolete backuo image file will be automatically deleted only after next backup finishes". This doesn't make much sense. It would be much better, if the user could configure, how many Backups the program will KEEP ("keep the X previous backup file versions").

2.) Under "Task Properties" > "Versions" you can see the available Backup Versions, and if they are Full od differential of inkremental Versions, and the path to the image file. It would be good if there were a possibility to delete obsolete Versions (image files) in this window manually. Now you have to open windows explorer, search the file you want to delete, make shure that it really is the correct file, and then delete it. This is too complicated.

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