How to migrate Aomei backupper's backup set?

I recently bought a new computer and want to reuse the backup set created by my old computer.

My old computer has a C drive and a 4T D drive. I have a 8T external E drive to backup stuff from the C and D drive. I have about 3T of stuff on my D drive. It takes about a day to do a full backup to the E drive. I have been doing incremental backup on the old computer.

After I got the new computer, I took the 4T drive out from my old computer and installed it on my new computer. I don't want to do a full backup on the new computer because it will take a day. Can I continue to do the incremental backup with the existing full backup on the external drive? If I can do that, are there any files that I need to move from the old computer to the new computer? I assume there are some files or alike track what files have been backup, what files/folders have been selected for backup, where to backup to etc. I guess I will need to move them over to the new machine.

Any help will be most appreciated.


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    I'm not entirely sure as I've never tried this, but it seems like it might work if you have an exported backup of your tasks from the old computer and aomei backupper of course. Backupper may not see the drives as different and just continue on with the old tasks.. but again, I'm just guessing.
  • Good point, but how to export my backup task out then import it into my new computer?
  • Do you want to backup C drive on your new computer? If yes, why do you need to continue the old backups? What's the point of doing this? 
  • I only backup the documents in my user account on the C drive. The size is small. My D drive (4T) has around 3T worth of photos and videos. That is the part that I don't want to do a full backup to the external drive again because it takes a long time to complete.
    So, what I want to do is to make Aomei backupper "thinks" my new computer is still the old computer and allows me to do incremental backups.
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    I export my backup tasks from the "Tools/Import/Export" option of the homepage, and export them to a folder. You could export the ambackup.xml to a USB stick in the old computer, and then Import ambackup.xml back to your new version of Backupper from the UBS stick on your new computer... Is that is what you are asking? And again, I'm just guessing whether or not you've restored your C drive with the old Backupper on it or reinstalled it,  etc... But, if you have the old backup tasks restored and the backup drive has the same letter, you might be good to go.

  • Thanks Hiredguz48. I will give it a try.
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