Very long Boot time caused by disk Disk problems, Aomei Backupper very helpful for fast repair

A few days ago I noticed, that Boottimes suddenly started to become very very slow. (> 2 Minutes) After booting up I noticed Windows Explorer Errors (Windows Explorer was stopped) when looking at Maintenace and System Reliability Graph.  When looking at the system disk and made a scan by Windows, Windows tells me System disk must be repaired. The data disk was OK according Windows. ? After the repair done by Windows (actually a restore point was taken), the system booted but Boot time did not change.!! So my assumption was the system disk an SSD ( about 6 years old) has a HW problem. Fortunately a few weeks ago I purchased a new SSD (500MB), my old one was only 256 MB and also a HD 1TB, as a spare in case of disk problems. As I have my OS always on a separate disk,  System disk backups are very fast with Aomei Backupper, and also partition Backup of the separate Data disk, the last one I did was only a few days old.
So the easiest and fastest way was to replace the old sytem disk with the new one and restore the System Disk from the Backup. I had made an USB stick with Backupper, I booted from the stick and restored to the
new larger SSD. Fortunately Backupper gave an option to proportionally increase the partition size.So the new system disk has now doubled all partitions.
After restore which was also quite fast I rebooted but was shocked as the long Bootime did not change.!!
I also noticed problems when programs accessing Data folders on the Data disk which could not displayed and show file size zero on many folders. I then just removed the Data disk from the system and rebooted and voila,  short boot Times again. So actually the Data disk is/was definitely corrupted and has to be replaced. As this disk was MBR formatted and has to be replaced anyhow  wanted the new one Format style GPT.
I therefore inserted the new uninitialized disk replacing the old one and changed to GPT within Windows.
The I restored the two Data partitions one after the other to the new disk (New disk same size as old one) without any problems also using Backupper from the USB. I had to change the drive letters, which have been changed during the restore operation. Now the system runs again without any problems.

So for me this was a test in real life in worst case scenarios and Backupper Standard solved it with bravour.

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