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OneKey Recovery automation


I'm creating a Windows image using MDT.  I'm deploying Onekey in the image.  I'd like to automate creating a backup image on the local machine once the Windows task sequence finishing installing Windows. Is it possible to automate with a script to create a Backup partition, Create backup, and Remove F7 boot option?



  • Sorry, it is not possible.
  • Thanks for your reply.  Do you think AOMEI Backupper would be the better option since it can be run run from command line?

  • Yes, you could try AOMEI Backupper.
  • Issue that we are running into now is not being able to automatically register Backupper during deployment.  Any command line we can use to register backupper?

    I really wish Onekey had command line options so we can automate an initial backup during deployment.  that would solve a lot of problems for us.
  • Well, automatically register Backupper is not possible at present.
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