Backupper's universal feature

As I understand it, my system image can be restored on any PC by using Pro Backupper's universal feature.
I was wondering which of the following 3 scenarios would occur if I used the Backupper standard version that does not have the universal feature; would Backupper:
1) fail immediately because I do not have the universal feature and do nothing?
2) initilaize my HDD, attempt to restore and then fail (so I would be left wth a blank HDD!) ?
3) perform the restore but Windows would prevent me from using it because of an invalid license?

Also, where is this universal feature?  Is it on the PRO Backupper software that I installed on my (source) HDD to make the backup
or is it on the AOMEI P.E. CD that I will use to boot to my target PC?

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    Win 10 is a very hardy product. I've done multiple test restores to an older PC which I use as a test bed for playing around without using universal restore. During restart, Windows seems to find enough drivers, etc to boot into the Windows desktop. Then you can install all the current drivers for your motherboard and devices. I recently replaced my motherboard, CPU and RAM using all my original drives including my C drive. Windows thrashed for a bit during loading but still loaded. This was coming from a 6 year old PC to a Z390 motherboard. This is NOT guaranteed to work but I think in most case, it will. So the same goes with restoring an image to a new system. It "probably" will work, but no guarantee. Universal restore in the Pro version makes the option more reliable. If you have your old Windows license key, it will work with the new setup or if your license is digitally connected to your Microsoft account, it will automatically be validated. You can only have 1 PC running with any license so you can't restore to a friends PC and expect both to work. Universal restore will be an option on the rescue boot media you created.

    Added later: This just loaded today. It may answer some of your questions.
    Watch first 3 minutes of episode 40
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       Thanks for your reply and your Yahoo link. I thought the big difference between AOMEI Standard & AOMEI Pro was the universal feature was only in Pro; but it's beginning to sound like the Standard version may boot as well, so I'll give it a try. From what I understand from AOMEI Support, I can always use my Standard backup and use it with a purchased copy of the AOMEI P.E. restore CD if I really do need the universal feature.
       Thanks again.
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