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Backupper Pro - scheduled backups crash PC

I have a problem with Backupper Pro.
When a scheduled backup is supposed to start, my PC instead reboots.  This not a proper reboot; the PC shuts down immediately and open applications are not shut down properly and there's no chance to save data.  Sometimes, after the reboot, Backupper's scheduled tasks are gone. 
I have tried:
- "Don't install the service" vs "Install a service"
- different backup methods

There is one workaround I have found:
If the Backupper application window is open when the schedule starts, the backup works properly.  If the window is closed, the reboot occurs.  This is an inadequate solution as Windows will sometimes reboot unattended due to system updates, and I'm not always there to re-open the Backupper GUI before the next backup.

This is quite frustrating as Backupper worked fine during the demo period, and now that I've bought the application, this problem arises.

Any help would be appreciated.
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