Aomei Backupper pro: Backup / Systemsicherung doesn´t start

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Following problem i have with the Backupper pro software: If I want to  start a backup of of the system partition I am getting from the Software the information: Das Programm kann die System-Partition nicht finden which means The program could not find the system partition.
Has someone any idea?

Here some system information:
Window Spezifikationen
Edition Window 10 pro Version 1903 Betriebssystembuild 18362.239
Clean Installation 2019-08-10

Datenträger 0 465 GB
Daten D und Recover E

Datenträger 1 58 GB
Wiederherstellung 529 MB NTFS, EFI-Systempartition 100 MB, System C: 57 GB Startpartition

Start Aomei Backupper pro -> Backup -> Systemsicherung -> Information: Das Programm kann die System-Partition nicht finden


  • Please click Clone-->Disk Clone to see if the drive is correctly recognized.
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