AOMEI PE Builder 1.0

Good day, I have Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate English, and when I made *.iso file and booted from it, half of the menus were on russian. Maybe it because I use programs on russian and for more compatibility I did this:

Can you make an update in future and fix this problem, because I need that menus in *.iso file will be all in English.

I can say that PE builder Bate did every thing in English with no problem.

Here few screenshots how it is look like:

In future update please fix PE Builder to make*.iso`s only in English. Thank you.


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    Can someone from AOMEI please explain to me why PE Builder isn't compatible with Windows XP ?

    And when will XP support be added ?


    1 other question : can customers who bought Partition Assistant Pro and Backupper Pro integrate the Pro-versions into the PE image ?

  • Just curious why PEbuilder is not qualified for W8.1 when it runs under W8 just fine... sure would like to use it!

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    Evil_E, there's no development kit for XP like for W7 and beyond so a BOOTable ISO would be a lot of specialized work for AOMEI, I suspect.  And to go through that for an OS that no longer has even its own manufacturer's support since April of this year seems like a large FREE effort to go through for a diminishing market.

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    Evil_E... part #2

    If you build a W7 or W8 version of this PE on another system, it should BOOT and run just fine on your XP system.

  • @ Froggie : I only have XP. I know that it is possible to install the microsoft WAIK on XP to build the W7/8 PE environment for the ISO or USB/CD/DVD boot disk : that's how Partition Assistant an Backupper do it now...


    I want to see this option made available by AOMEI, it would show that they want to fully support the paying customers (like me) all the way, including the ones who don't have recent OS's.

    I would like to be able to create a bootable USB stick that allows me to install both Partition Assistant Pro and Backupper Pro into the same PE environment, instead of being forced to create 2 different bootable USB sticks or ISO's...

    Regarding the "specialized work" : AOMEI has already done a lot of the work because we are already able to create the bootable ISO's or media with the help of the MS WAIK. If the "create bootable media"-option could check which AOMEI products are installed on the user's system, wouldn't it be possible to use those to add to the PE instead ?

  • Good day, so what is going on with Russian-English menus that I described above? When AOMEI will fix this ?

  • Hello,

    Bootable iso is not robust as real OS and can not function like one.You did change "Language for non-Unicode programs" for more compatibility. Please change it back to English and try it.

  • Admin I must say that you right, after I changed "Language for non-Unicode programs" to English all menus were in English. Where is window were I can choose UEFI or Legacy BIOS boot?. As I read about it this windows appears when PE Builder installed on UEFI computer, but why not to allow to user to choose what boot I need? I thing this option need to be under user decision. For Example my computer not UEFI and I made USB Flash on my computer, but computer of my friend is UEFI and already not booting so my USB Flash won't boot on his computer and I can't create UEFI USB Flash on his computer because it is not booting, and I am stucked here. So can you tell to programmers to fix this and in future version user will decide UEFI or Legacy BIOS please...

  • LordAdrian, in a pinch (for a fix) you should be able to temporarily change your friend's BiOS from UEFI to LEGACY just to perform the BOOT then change it back when finished.

  • Froggie and how I suppose to work with his HDD, it is GPT, to work correctly I should boot in UEFI mode and my USB Flash need to be x64. 

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    LordAdrian, I'm not sure what you wanna do with the PE Builder media, but a GPT disk is not unique to X64, it's only unique due to its size... usually.  The processor in that system will let you BOOT into either an x86 or X64 recovery media, and the LEGACY BOOT option will let your non-UEFI recovery media BOOT just fine... you just can't BOOT to the internal HDD unless you're in UEFI mode ('cause it's configured for UEFI BOOT and maybe even SECURE BOOT)..

    UEFI BOOT media require an extra EFI partition configured on the media, LEGACY does not.  If you're fooling with files on that internal BOOT HDD, the application doing the fooling just needs to know GPT disk configurations, it doesn't need to BOOT into it.

    Exactly what is it that you wanna do with the PE BUILDER media on that system?

  • @lordadrian,

    There is UEFI firmware and then UEFI firmware based PCs.

    If your friend has a UEFI firmware based PC which is from a branded PC manufacturer (IBM,Lenovo, Dell, Acer etc) they will have added on extra security features for booting from external devices, to those that the standard and Microsoft calls for.

    If though your friend purchased a motherboard that is UEFI enabled from a PC shop, then there shouldn't be any difficulty in USB booting.

    There is a workaround for OEM PCs, though, but it will only work on the PC/Laptop/Tablet that made it.

    1. Disable Secure Boot in the Firmware menu.

    2. Insert a spare USB stick  and open up Windows Recovery Manager (this is using W8/8.1).

    3. Select make recovery environment, but untick the option to copy the recovery folder.

    4. Windows will format the USB stick and will apply a device ID to the environment.

    5. Make the Partition Assistant or BackerUpper recovery media BUT store it on the PC temporarily.

    6. Find on the USB stick the folder marked Resources and the file boot.wim - rename it to whatever you want.

    7. Find your AOMEI ISO file, open it (in XP/W7 you will require software to view the ISO file, W8/8.1/10beta will be able to do this themselves).

    8. Copy the boot.wim file from the ISO to your USB stick.

    Optional step:

    If you wish, you can add this boot.wim to your PCs BCD file, but you will need somehting like EasyBCD to do this unless you like playing with the command line in Windows.

    Now, your PC/Laptop etc should boot from this stick. 

    Non UEFI machines will also boot from this stick and probably retail motherboard based PCs will also boot from it, however, you will not be able to boot other retail PC makers PCs.

  • Froggie and bodgy I understand that you telling, but still why not to bring back window with UEFI and Legasy boot options it should not be so hard? And user will choose what he need.

  • LordAdrian, OEMs always think they are protecting computer users against themselves (and protecting their own reputation against failed systems caused by experimenting users image) ... this is the main reason they do these things.

    That is the reason I never purchase OEM manufactured PCs.  I prefer CONTROL over my PC configuration.  There are just too many good mainboard manufacturers out there to not use their products.  I do understand many users cannot consider this approach and must use pre-manufactured systems.  It's a shame... but a fact of computer life.

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    Froggie yes you absolutely right. I bought my computer (3300 $ and I am very shame about it because Crysis 3 runing fine on computer that cost 1250 $ with no problem on max graphic setting) as parts and brought all together myself. So who can fix Pe Builder and bring back window with selection of UEFI and Legacy? And does any body from AOMEI reading this maybe?

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