Backupper Pro 5 Performance

I have a Windows 10 1903 system on an Asus Rog Maximus x hero with several SSD Sata drives and two Nvme drives.

The "partition" and "System Backup" work well,
For example backing up between Nvme's runs at about 1Gigabyte per sec from the source perspective, and to CPU load is spread well across the 12 threads, no thread is maxed out.

The "File Backup" is far worse, one thread is maxed out while most of the others are near idle and between Sata SSD,s the speed is around 170Megabytes per sec.

All the Verify steps are quite slow, again is a case where one thread is maxed out and the speed is way below that which either the Sata or Nvme's can attain.

There is 16Gig main memory and it is never close to fully utilized.

Clearly there are performance issues that need to be addressed, while at the same time some parts of the Backupper work very well indeed.


  • We will improve the speed of file backup, thanks for your feedback.
  • Not sure if this helps:
    But there seems to be more CPU in verify than in copying the files.
    If this is due to recalculating and comparing ECC's, quite a few modern processors have implemented AVX2, including Coffee Lake, which may be helpful.
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