After resizing my Windows 10 partition with AOMEITECH partition assistant my Ubuntu partition isgone

I'm in deep deep trouble I fear.  I was trying to resize my windows 10 partition to give my dual boot Ubuntu more space.  Partition assistant shrank the windows 10 partition successfully, but somehow it simply deleted my Ubuntu partition.  Where my Ubuntu partition used to be, it now simply shows unallocated space for both the Ubuntu space and the space that was freed from Windows 10.  I'm looking at losing at least a hundred hours of work (as a web developer) because your program SIMPLY DELETED MY LINUX PARTITION.  How is that even possible?  Why would it even touch the other partitions?  

Please tell me there is a solution, I could lose my job over this.


  • Boy não tem nem mesmo um backup em outro disco rígido, cloud etc?
    Eu sou um usuário comum, mesmo em CD eu faço backups!
  • I was actually able to fix this with several hours of troubleshooting here:

    Apparently windows is nasty about wiping out other partitions during resize operations.  Might need some logic to check whether there's a linux dual boot before resizing.  But I'm fixed now and I don't think your product was responsible for my grief, Windows is apparently known for causing this issue with Ubuntu.

    NOTE THIS IS PROBABLY NOT BE AN ISSUE WITH PARTITION ASSISTANT, people resizing with windows partition manager also experience it, but whatever you do don't use this product if you have a dual boot setup.  
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