Unable to perform backup for image file stored on CD/DVD

I backup my files in a portable hardisk and had successfully updated my backup twice using differential backup. However, when I attempted to conduct another differential backup today, I got a error message informing me that the program was unable to perform full, incremential or differential backup for image file stored on CD/DVD and I was advised to copy my backup files to local hardisk if I want to complete my current backup task.

I've no idea what this means as I'm not using CD/DVD to back up and also I'd completed backup procedures before without any problem. Would be much grateful if anyone can give me a hand on this. Thanks for the help in advance.



  • Just check further and found that the backup file target path is invalid. It now points to my DVD drive and this should be the cause of the problem. I'd tried but couldn't find a way to change the drive letter. Is there a way that I can edit the target path to let the program know where my image file is stored? Any advice is welcome.
  • You could delete the task and import backup images manually.
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