Partition assistant update to new version

I want to install new version of PA Pro with lifetime updates.
PA Pro tells that new version 8.3 is available but if I see the changelog, there is only 8.3 demo to download, so when run, it uninstall previous full version without preserve the license key...
Where can I download the full version or how to preserve license key during reinstall?
Usually applications support easy update with one-two clicks so why not AOMEI?


  • I would like an answer to this too.   I paid for lifetime updates.  You should have a proper link to the full files.
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    I know it's a poor way to go about upgrading, but just download and install the Demo version. On the top line, near the center left of the page, you'll see "Register". Just put your original license key there and it will convert to the Pro version. If you don't know your original license key, contact support.
    I've brought this up to them before but it seems to be overlooked at each upgrade. Backupper will uninstall and reinstall asking if you want to keep your original license intact. This product is made by the same company but it seems their development teams don't talk with each other.
  • Please contact support to get upgrades.
  • Ich habe bei der Installation (ABProTrail.exe) die de-installation meiner "alten"-Version veranlasst. Nun ist die Professional Trail Version installiert und ich habe keine Möglichkeit meinen Lizenzschlüssel einzugeben.
    Wie kann ich das Problem lösen?
  • @Paulroses Please check whether you can use the paid functions, if yes, then it means the program is registered.
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