Create Backupper USB flash drive from UEFI ISO file (NOT from inside Backupper)? NOT bootable

At home I create from an original Aomei Backupper installation on my desktop computer an WinPE UEFI ISO file and copied it to my notebook (Acer Swift 3)..
Then I moved to the university and had time to pick one of my USB flash drives and to store Backupper on it by using the well know, wide spread Rufus v3.5 tool and my previously created ISO file.I used GPT and FAT32.

Much to my surprise the resulting Backupper tool on the USB flash drive.was NOT bootable on my UEFI notebook.
It even does not appear in BootMenu.
The only way I found in my investigations was to burn the ISO file on a CD/DVD. Then it booted.
So the ISO file itself seems to be not corrupted. On the other side the computer hardware is working as well.
I can boot dozends of other tools from USB flash drive successfully as well (including the Acronis TrueImage for example).

So the only reason for that must be that Aomei Backupper creates ISO file ONLY for CD/DVDs.
If a user wants to put Aomei Backupper on an USB Flash drive then he had to do this DIRECTLY from inside Aomei Backupper.

Can someone confirm this?

Do I really have to travel back hundreds of kilometers  to my parents home to just create a bootable USB flash drive from the original installation???

I cannot believe this. This would be very uncomfortable and user unfriendly-
I urgently prefer using a USB flash drive for backup tasks.
ALL other bootable ISO files can be put and run from a USB flash drive except Aomei Backupper.

Maybe there is just a (Win10) USB driver missing in the ISO file which must be added during creation?
Which exactly?

BalenaEtcher USB tool says something about missing partition table in ISO file if this helps.

Thank you



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