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Hello, I am looking to restore an image from over the network NOT using a USB or CD boot disk.  My goal is to be able to remote into a working computer that has aomei installed, and restore an image over the network on to that same computer without having to go on site or have any user intervention from anyone on site.   My client is 4 hours away and I don't want to have to drive all the way out there. 

 I would like to open the software on the computer, choose restore and then choose an image over the network to restore it to. I've gotten it to somewhat work so I know it's possible.

 Sometimes it says that the image is over the network so you have to use a CD or USB boot disk, other times it actually lets me choose the restart computer method which looks like it's going to work but never quite does anything. I am guessing that the restart method is dependent on having a physical USB or CD boot device inserted into the computer but I could be wrong.  It would be great to somehow boot into a Windows environment that allows you to restore over the network without needing a USB or any physical boot device.

 Macrium reflect has this option but it still requires user intervention on the other end.


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    I'll go out a limb and say what you want to do can't be done with Aomei. If I'm wrong possibly the forum admin can jump in and correct this. Or you can email support for a better answer.
    In order to restore the OS partition, you have to boot from the rescue USB. I know with Macrium it loads it's PE version when you've started the process in Windows and then reboots into it. I've never seen that option here. Of course your client could insert the USB drive and you could have his boot order set to boot from the USB first, but then you're out of luck because you've lost your connection to the PC and can't finish the task once it boots into Aomei. But I guess you have the same problem with Macrium. You're in its rescue environment but again, without a remote connection to finish the task. I'm not sure you can establish a remote network connection in a Pre Windows environment from a remote PC  and that's your real problem.
    Again, you can email support and see if they have a better way to do this.
  • Well, the only option is to boot from the rescue USB or CD.
  • The problem is the booting itself.. recently I've having hard time to boot from the rescue usb... old version pre windows 10 were bootable but after windows 10 are not.. and those from windows 7 environment crashes in my windows 10 build. I've tried on so many usb and two different computer.. with many different isos. like other isos boots.. macrium, win 10 iso, windows 8 iso, i've tried rufus, ultra iso program to burn.. just give me the working rescue legacy iso that works..
  • @ultimatescar What does "but after windows 10 are not" mean?
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