Aomei win10 boot stick works fabulous but...

Always have a sector by sector backup of aomei :) 
Drive Was Encrypted with veracrypt! 
Recently tried win10 update, after this I couldn't start anymore  bootloader something was gone bluescreen
First thing I did was start USB in uefi and restore boom worked but after restart same error 
Very strange 
Also very strange 
Veracrypt asked for pw said its wrong after 3 tries
again the bluesceeen can't boot 
All resulted from the failed win update

I played in bios disable saveboot and changed to legacy
Nothing works 

Changed the boostick to legacy can boot but I can't go back to ufefi
Acer switch 12 don't allow me to access the bios with booting f2
Notebook error?! 

NOW my question how can I access the bios through amoeis help
win cmd command line or in the partition app? 

Or should I go a different way and find and burn a win 10 legacy setup iso and try fix it like this? 


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