Clone - partition clone success but doesn't running - Aomei Bakupper Professional Edition 4.6.3

Hello There,
I am newbie on this forum.
I don't have any problem at a moment for do a backup and restore on hard-disk, I was bought your App around 2-3 year ago..., I am happy and not be worry after use your App.
A week ago I try to make a clone hard-disk for 1 TB, from my current hard-disk to my cloning hard-disk, it working any problem.

And I tried to make a partition clone from my current hard-disk 1 TB to my another hard-disk 320 GB, on my system inside I have make a partition so for C drive (Hard-disk partition is 250 GB), during and until the end process everything goes fine and the app say success and complete, so it mean all my system has been copy or transfer to my clone hard-disk 320 GB, but once I tried to running it my 320 GB, it doesn't wont to run, it can't boot when start-up on windows, something like a some 100-200 Mb boot file is not init on the hard-disk during clone process.

So far...., I am confused why if I do a partition clone it doesn't work, but if I do clone whole hard-disk it's working fine.

My question are :
 1). How step do I make a partition clone, to make sure all the data include a boot files inside when process partition clone.
 2). Make a partition clone needed 2 times transfer or process, data and boot files ...., or ...?.

Can someone here give me a guidance to do it step or guidance.

Thank you.


  • The Partition Clone will not make a bootable clone, please use System Clone or Disk Clone.
  • Hello Admin,
    Thank you for your guidance, I will try do this way.

    Well, i've another question before do tried :
       1). Example my C Hard-disk drive is 250 Gb and my external Hard-disk will be a destination copy use a system clone
             is 320 Gb, inside on my 320 Gb have 2 partition and each partition consist of 250 Gb and 70 Gb  inside there is 
             have a files, after do system clone, does 70 Gb will be delete or the copy just filled on 250 Gb side by side with 70
             As I know, if I do Disk Clone, everything data inside will be erase or delete.

    Thank you.
  • The 70 GB partition will not be deleted.
  • Hello Admin,
    Thank you.
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