Full disk back up or separate system and partition backups?

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For AOEMI Backup Pro:

If I take regular full disk backups (ie. MBR + factory reset + C + D partitions), does that mean I must restore the whole image if something goes wrong with Windows or my disk drive? I can't choose which partition to restore from a disk backup, can I?

If I have to restore the whole image, then maybe I'm better to take separate system backups (MBR + C partition) and partition backup (D partition), so that I can restore them separately depending on what goes wrong?

If I do the separate backups, is there a way to backup and restore the hidden 'factory reset' partition, and have it function properly when I press F9 during pre-boot (Asus laptop)?



  • You can restore a single partition from the disk backup.
  • Thanks.
    And even restore the 25Gb hidden factory reset partition which Asus placed on the disk?
  • Yes, but I think the factory reset partition will have no recovery function after restore.
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