Image deploy & Backupper confusion?

My Company has donated laptops to a local charity.

I was hoping to use image deploy & Backupper to push a Win 7 image to the laptops over a network I have setup for them

On one machine I have installed the O.S, updates & applications and configured as a master device for the image.

Image deploy is setup on a small server I have on this network along with Backupper.

I created a boot disk with Backupper util and used this to boot up my Master machine with plans to create the image to deploy to the other devices.

Problem is the boot disk only gives options for CLONE or RECOVER  no option to create an image.

So where have I gone wrong or have I misunderstood something ?

I thought the idea was to create a master image and use that to deploy?  But no option for that in the boot disk.

I appreciate any help or advise.




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