Installation problem reg or trial

I have installed and registered Backupper Pro, but the generated USB drive still runs Trial version, hence I can't finish restoring disk.


  • The free version of Aomei should still be able to perform the restore disk function.  At what point do you encounter the problem with a restore?
  • Flyer! Tanks for responding. The free version is actually  a server trial version. When I boot with the usb drive it looks like a  Backupper Pro version, but when I get to the final part of starting the restoring I get the message: "Hi. Your trial has expired. To coninue using it, please buy a licence and activate now." OK! Ihave bought the licence and registered it. The pro version works to backup my system disk and to create the boot Usb drive, but not to recover the system disk. I have uninstalled the trial portable version and the professional version and reinstalled the Pro version without success.
  • Your best bet now might be to email support.  This sounds more like a registration problem.
  • Please create the boot disk again after registration.
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