Reverse EXT to NTFS/FAT

Have the pleasure to use PAssist Pro in formatting HDDs and USB sticks into Ext4 for Linux STBs. 
When done sooner or later I want to reformat some storages back to NTFS og FAT(32), but so far I failed doing that. Using Linux format in Win10 is no good at all.

But is there a method to change the format  into FAT/NTFS ??

Below is a typical Ext4 USB stick partly loaded but no drive letter. (I don't bother the content)



  • Please delete the Ext4 partition and create a new one with FAT/NTFS format.
  • Thanks - will try that
  • Deleting  partition, recreate new partition and FAT format named as H  --> OK-
    However a new "shadow drive" is created.

    This seems to appear as G-drive

    H-drive seems ok, but G-drive might be a pain.

    So far no way to delete or access the drive. Any idea ??

  • Did you create the partition in Linux system?
  • No - only from Win10/64b
    The strange thing is it seems that the G-partition was allocated from C-drive
    The H-drive is not accessable though it is formatted as FAT32.
  • Well, you could try to create new partitions in Disk Management.
  • OK - I've some obsolete USB sticks (EXT4) which can be tested all over again. Will try to document the procedures what happen. Thanks so far.
  • Sorry long break -
    Reformat FAT / FAT32 via Win10 Disk Mgmt ok. USB chip works.
    Case closed - Thans for all help.
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