Restore single folder from full system backup

Have full system backup with a problem with operating system and I want to restore one folder to a new hard drive. Is there a simple way to do this as tutorials go on about partitions and other technical details and as a computer nerd I get lost in the detail. Tried Image file explore ended up with 3 files which will not load with explorer as read only and I gave up there as it started looking complicated. Also how do I delete the image files in the created image drives G H and I 
Using Windows 10 Home with Aomei Standard.
Help please Jack


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    Not sure what you've tried, but you want to mount your backup image and then explore to find the file/folder you want, copy it and paste to the location you desire.
    If you can't open the location with windows explorer, try Q-Dir. You can download it and install or just run from many websites.
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